cola drink Kofola

Legendary, Czechoslovak drink with unique taste and aroma. A softly sparkling cola drink with unusual but addictive taste. Made of 14 herbs mixture and fruit juices flavoured with licorice. Created in 1960 and found nowhere in the world but in The Czech and Slovak Republic.


Kofola is traditional, local cola drink brand, which doesn’t pretend anything.

It is sincere, friendly and loving, joyful, playful and original. It concerns mutual relationship, real friendships and love.

KOFO syrup

Fruit juices + herb extract
+ Caramel + Licorice

Less sugar

  • 1/3 less sugar than competition.
  • Sugar partially comes from natural fruit juices.
  • No phosphoric acid.

Product portfolio – Kofola Original

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Product portfolio – Kofola with flavor


In 2007 Kofola launched the first limited Christmas edition with cinnamon flavor. Since then, new Kofola editions are an inherent part of Czech Christmas.

In 2004, annual sales of Kofola in the Czech republic crossed one million hectoliters and that reached the level of sales, which the brand reached during its first golden era in the 70s of the 20th century.

In 2001 Kofola came up with the first TV campaign with the original catchy slogan " If you love her, nothing else matters".

In 1998, Kofola returned to the shelves under the wings of Santa Beverage.

In 1989 Kofola had to face a great competition, when the cola category began to be promoted by the foreign producers.

Kofola was first produced in 1960, when manufacturers began to deliver KOFO syrup in Czechoslovakia.

It´s origin goes back to 60s of the 20th century, when the KOFO syrup was blended by enterprise Galena from Opava. KOFO syrup is prepared of 14 substances of natural character, mixture of herbs and fruit juices, spiced with licorice flavor, which is the essential component of this refreshing cola drink.